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Sacajawea Maiden Costume For Women

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Native American LegendOf many incredible Native Americans in history who have aided travelers in exploring and mapping the wilderness of new American territories, Sacajawea stands out as one of the most storied and well known

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  • Best known for her invaluable constributions to the famous Lewis and Clark 1804 expedition, she also helped the two establish relationships with Native American tribes all over

    Let her legacy inspire you with this Sacajawea Costume, an ensemble inspired by the famous Native American explorer.FUN DetailsThe all polyester faux suede and leather ensemble features a dress and apron accessory feature fringed hemlines, and ribbon accents printed with geometric patterns for added detail

    She even made an Honorary Sergeant in the Regular Army for her contributions to the mission's success

    The yoke has red diamon appliques outlined by a geometric brocade ribbon.The brown fringed belt and apron fastens everything together with fabric ties, and the headband is comprised by a geometric brocade ribbon with an elastic band in the back

    Then slip on a pair of matching fringed shoes or boots to complete this look!It's Not Perfect, But...This costume probably won't be able to stand up to the rigors of a two-year-long, cross-country expedition, but the faux suede material looks great when you're wanting a Native American inspired style for any occasion or event. nbsp